Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Why do we do it??

I'm watching a show, an Amazon show called Goliath, in which all of the women are wearing high heels - VERY high heels. Why? I had my share of them and I ask myself the same question - why? My feet hurt when I wore them. I definitely couldn't run while wearing them. I remember reading about Japanese girls having their feet bound so that they wouldn't grow, and I thought, why? And then years later, I could hardly wait to buy my first pair of spike heels. Do they even call them that anymore?

I love getting past all of that, and I'm so happy that I didn't mess up my feet by wearing them too often. I must have had a shred of common sense.

Now I almost always wear Finn Comfort shoes. And they are - comfortable, that is. When I was on the farm and money was very tight indeed, I even bought a used pair on eBay, only $65 for a pair of $275 shoes. When they arrived, they didn't have insoles in them, a fact left out of the listing, but no problem. I had a pair of old sandals, and the thing about Finn Comfort shoes is that the insoles are removable - and interchangeable. And they never wear out. So I took the old sandals and pitched them (they were long overdue for the bin), and used the insoles out of them in the $65 shoes. Perfect fit! I'm still wearing them. (They are top right in the picture below.)

My daughter laughs at my shoes, especially the red sandals, bottom right in the picture. Okay they are not stylish. However, who cares? My feet never hurt. At 75 years of age, a podiatrist is not on my list of doctors.

Hail to flat shoes, good arch supports and feet that never hurt!

My shoe wardrobe

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