Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sleep, wonderful sleep

For years, I probably averaged about four hours of sleep a night, and just thought it was my metabolism.  Sometimes I would take long Sunday naps, and I figured that was my "catch-up" time. 

The corporate world is often hard on one's sleep - many things to worry about.  I had rough jobs the last few years I was there.  In the corporate world, you have little or no control over your fate.  You are at the beck and call of the whims of the latest boss, and I watched people scramble to follow the new rules of engagement with every change in leadership.  For me, being something of a control freak, that world did not contribute to restful nights.

When I finally got to do my own thing, when I retired from that world and started my little booth at the farmers market, I thought all would be well.  Although taking two months off after leaving my sales job, I still suffered from insomnia and seldom slept more than five or six hours.

It has been over eight years now that I have been the master of my own world.  Little by little, I managed to burden myself with a second booth at the market, a huge expansion in product line, and then of course, let's bring some cows down here, and get some chickens.  And why not become certified organic?  I saw my time shrink, and I realized that I was lying awake thinking about cows instead of airplane wheels and brakes.  Bottom line, I wasn't sleeping very well again.

Enter Kayla, my assistant.  I am starting to realize just how ridiculous it was to think I could do it all.  Kayla is working only 20 to 30 hours a week right now, because she is also milking for the Milk Association, giving the other milkers a much needed break.  But even 20 hours is a big load off.  My house looks decent, and all of the baskets and boxes on my counter at the market are filled with product. And I have some time off!

Sunday I did nothing except a few chores - maybe an hour's worth - and worked on a small problem with the milking system - another hour.  The rest of the day I was lazy.  A couple of naps, watched Da Bears win, read a little, ate well.  And I slept again that night, all night.  And again last night, a good night's sleep, nearly eight hours!

Being too tired to sleep is no joke.  I should know - I was there for more years than I care to remember.

Well, time to hit that paperwork again.  My next objective is a clean desk.  :)

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