Thursday, January 27, 2011

Were the chickens safe???

Last night was Purple Porch, and I delivered my wares to the distribution point.  It was a gloomy day, and that means the chickens will go to roost early.  Androo was milking, and I asked him to check when he was done to see if the chickens were in.  If they were, then please button up the Moop for the night.  I didn't ask him to call me, but was pretty sure that they would be inside before he left the place.

My customers all picked up early.  I was sitting there knitting, and suddenly I just got a feeling.  I broke down my display and headed out about 45 minutes early.  As I headed up the drive (by then it was totally dark), I saw a fox.  They like chickens.  He was down by the road, but nevertheless it made me very uneasy.

I swung the car over by the Moop when I got near the house, something I usually don't do when there is snow on the ground, but by now I was very worried.  The door was up.  Androo must have finished milking early.  I trotted through the snow to the door and was so very relieved to see everyone lined up on the roosts.  They were done clucking and cooing; it was dark and they were asleep!  No chicken feathers scattered about.  All chickies accounted for. 

Would the fox have made it to the Moop if I hadn't gotten home when I did?  I will never know.

I put their feed troughs inside and gently lowered the door, giving thanks to the powers that be that my chickens were safe.

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