Sunday, January 29, 2012

First order of the season

It's time.  I placed my first order for seeds.  Had a terrible time finding organic onion sets last year, so I got a jump on it this year.  We planted some onion seeds last fall, and this winter has been so mild that we may actually get some onions from them!

I'm going through last year's seeds and deciding which ones to phase out, which I need to order more of.  And there will be a few new strains - three of them for my son, and three from Macedonia.  Of course, my first love is tomatoes.  We are trying something different this year.  Last spring, I planted some tomatoes behind the house, and of course the chickens got in them.  To protect them, I put some very tall welded fencing around them, and I realized I had created something I could use for a greenhouse.  So this year, we will be experimenting with putting out some very early tomato plants and covering the fencing with clear plastic.  We will see.  It is always an adventure!

Oh, I say that tomatoes are my first love, but I am thinking that we need to do even more potatoes this year.  I did a dozen different strains last year, had about 600 row feet, and we sold every potato we dug!  So I need to get those seed potatoes ordered as well.

Signing off now - have to get the potatoes ordered, too.  :0)

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