Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, life goes on without Rosie.  It has been a real challenge to get Lucy in the barn without Rosie leading the way.  Lucky, Rosie's daughter, is not always as cooperative as her mother was, and she totally refused to go in the barn yesterday morning.  So I took in Blackie.

Blackie believes I have indoor plumbing, I think.  Every milker who reads this will know what I mean.  Even if I dawdle getting her in, even if I watch her pee and poop copiously on the way to the barn, she always saves some for indoors. So Blackie obliged by going to the bar in front of Lucy, Lucy then went in docilely to be milked - and Blackie pooped not once, but three times IN THE BARN.  Argh!!!!

Last night, I got Lucky in first, at which time she jumped over some equipment and got to the hay.  I had to chase her out of the barn and start over.  Double Argh!!!!!!!!!  Rosie, I miss you!

Everyone in the pasture was acting silly.  It was the snow.  They had a snow day, and there was much cavorting around, fake fighting, kicking up of heels.  Separating Lucky from the fun was a challenge - she is young and was in the thick of it.  And then when I finally got both Lucky and Lucy settled down and got the milker on Lucy, I heard a banging on the barn door.  It was Sam, trying to get in the barn.  He had managed to open the gate into the holding pen and was in there looking for Rosie, I am sure.  He is puzzled, to say the least.

It will take a while, but they will all adjust over time.  Lucy has quit crying for her calf.  Sam will find another "best friend."  Lucky will come into the barn without incident and stand quietly while I milk Lucy.

Life goes on.  Enjoy it.  And have a Happy New Year!

Love and good living to you all, from down here on the farm.

Susan, the Accidental Farmer.

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