Thursday, January 26, 2012

Salt, anyone?

Along with demonizing fat (wrongly), our government is now demonizing salt -- again, wrongly.  It boggles the mind how a man with an ego so big that he couldn't admit he was wrong (I speak of Ancel Keys) sent us down a path of low fat eating, which has correlated strongly with the increase in insulin resistance related diseases.  As we have quit consuming so much fat, we have become fatter, we have developed Type 2 diabetes in ever increasing numbers, heart disease and cancer beset us.  In addition, it appears that high carbohydrate diets (yes, we replaced that fat with bread, pasta and sugar) may play a role in neurological illnesses such as bi-polar disorder, autism and epilepsy.  But fat is a whole other topic.

Today, I want to discuss salt.  I love salt.  I use copious amounts of it.  My blood pressure is a little on the high side, but still within the normal range (or what is considered "normal" today).  In the article that I am linking you to, it appears that 70% of us do not have to worry about the effect of salt consumption on our blood pressure.  But the government in its wisdom has decided that because 30% of the population is affected then we should ALL eat less salt, without examining the effects of a low salt diet on our general health.  This is just as foolhardy as sending us down the low fat path.

This to me is the most important takeaway from the article for which I am including a link.  Just want to make that point - odds are you are in the 70%.  Think twice before you think you need to eat bland food without the kick in flavors that salt brings.  Eat it and enjoy it!  Rather than repeating what this excellent article says, I am including the link. Click here to read it all:  Salt's effect on our health

To your health!  Do your research.  An informed patient is a doctor's best friend.  And if your doctor doesn't think so, then find another doctor.

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