Friday, December 30, 2011

A tribute to Rosie

I got this poem from Lynn Patrick, one of the founding members of our dairy herd association, and a milker during the first year of our existence.  I asked her if I could pass it on, and she agreed.  Here it is.

Ode to Rosie

Hail Rosie! 
Righteous bovine.
First of our Herd.
Independently - minded.
She would go where she would go,
And I would chase her through the pasture,
While Baby Doll, ever obedient, followed Rosie's every step.
Now, Rosie is following Baby Doll
Into the great hereafter.
I pray for green grass, pure water, gentle rains.
The great herdsman is there - and there is no sorrow;
And all calves survive.
So may our herds increase.
For we must have cream in our coffee in heaven!
And it couldn't be heaven without our sweet cows,
Our dogs, our cats, all our animal friends.
I will then honor her and all the others with my tears.
Until we meet again.

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