Monday, December 5, 2011

It's a new calf - first pictures

I usually don't name the little ones that are going to leave the farm, but the name Lacey just popped in my mind, so Lacey she is until Dan and his dad give her the name they choose for her.

I was a little worried that Lacey might be in a weakened state if she still hadn't eaten, but she was fine when I went out about 7:00 a.m.  By then she was about 15 hours old.  In fact, she was so feisty that I was sure she had eaten, in spite of Lucy's huge and low hanging udder.

I had taken out six pounds of warmed colostrum, which we froze when Quattro had her calf last spring.  Lucy wouldn't let me near her with the bucket of warm colostrum.  I had to separate them.

I took Lucy into the barn to milk her.  Whether or not she had fed her calf, that udder needed some relief!  Once she was secured in the barn, I went back outside to deal with the calf.  It took a little doing to get her trained to take the nipple, but finally she got the hang of it.  After a few false starts, she latched onto that nipple and drank the bucket dry!  So I went back to the barn for the other three pounds of warm colostrum and took at back out to her.  I didn't even have to straddle her to get her to drink it.  She found the nipple and took it all down.  She did slow down a bit for the last cup or two, but she was obviously hungry.  I don't think Lucy is going to be able to feed her.  So for the next week, until her new owner picks her up, I will get to hand feed Lacey.  She is already following me around.  So sweet!

Here are pictures.  I wish I had gotten a few while I was getting her from Paddock 2 to the nursing pen, but I had too much on my mind at the time.

Learning her way around.

Yup, it's a girl.  Peeing from the right spot.

So nosy!  She was already trying to strip bark from small trees.

That udder is just too close to the ground!

Can you see Dad in the background?

Lucy and Lacey - Lacey's first day.


  1. Those are great names and that's a beautiful calf. I found your blog just in time to follow along. Congratulations! Too bad about your 'slow' time, but this is worth it.


  2. I know, and she is so smart! Only two days old and I don't even have to go into the pen. When I take mom into the barn to milk, I sneak back out with Lacey's pail of colostrum from the last milking. She runs to the fence and drinks away. If you notice, Mom has a huge udder, and I still have not seen Lacey nursing on her. She tried, but no luck, so I am hand feeding her.

  3. Oh my gosh, she is so cute! I really miss them...look at Lucy. Congrats to the proud mama :)

  4. I think she's cute, too. Hey, Heather, was thinking of you when I was cleaning out the milking parlor. You were so good at it! The floor was always spotless after you milked.