Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa . . .

I was walking through the pasture on a windy day when I saw Mona Lisa in my garden!  Yup, there she was.  I ran to the house for my camera and took this shot.

All the while, I was singing "Mona Lisa," the Nat King Cole version, and hoped that the wind wouldn't die down before I could capture this pic.

We are putting tarps over the new garden area to kill the grass, since I will be expanding the garden next spring.  A friend of mine has a shop near a company that puts up billboard signs, and they had an abundance of tarps.  The price was right - FREE - and I took as many as I could.  We put down the biodynamic preps, some sea salt with humate, and then nailed down the tarps with tent stakes.  The wind caught one and laid it over my tall and bushy asparagus plants.  This tarp happens to be for some innocuous message ad about smiling.  Well, this event certainly made me smile.


  1. Oh Susan - I love this - it is so you!!

  2. If you are by a highway and found a way to prop this up (mAYBE wrap it around a one of those round haybales) I think you could charge money to see this! I have your blog up on my favorites list and I always add a little 'view' picture for all to see. I must say when your Mona Lisa popped up, it caused quite a stir! I bet a lot of people are curious about the art of farming. LOL
    Hope your new calf is keeping warm.
    David/ :-)

  3. Very cool. If you said it was the Virgin Mary you could definitely charge visitors (along the lines of what David said).

    I LOVE smothering grass to prepare more ground! And the worms and other guys living in the soil love me back for it...

  4. LOL, my friend. Yes, if only it were the Virgin Mary. If her image on a piece of toast could make headlines, then certainly one in my garden would make it!

  5. Mary, good to hear from you. Tell Natalee that Miss Susan says hello.

  6. Dave - calf is a hearty little one, and wasn't going into the little lean-to, even at night. But we hit a low of 8º a couple of nights ago, and she and mom both went in for the night.