Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No rest for the wicked . . .

My mother used to mutter, on a very busy day, "No rest for the wicked."  I must be very wicked indeed. 

Spring is always a very busy time around here.  There are many weeks when I have put in 100 hours or more when all is said and done.  The greenhouse will be shut down next week, and that will be a load off.  Very successful season, we are almost sold out.  What is left will get stuffed into my garden and given away to community gardens.

So I am coasting towards a finish line of sorts, and I just keep thinking, "If I push a little harder today, there will be less to do tomorrow."  It doesn't seem to work that way.  I was so tired that I pulled into a gas station and took a 20 minute nap on the way home from  Purple Porch Co-op tonight.  All I could think of was getting home and going to bed.  When I walked into the kitchen, I remembered that the second batch of cottage cheese has to be finished tonight - a leftover task from last night's cheese workshop.  Ugh!  Then I remembered that I had to pick up eggs.  The chickens have been eating a few of their eggs each day.  I went to the Moop and found every last egg eaten.  How discouraging! 

To the computer - a little research tells me that possible causes are not keeping water fresh enough, eggs with shells that are too fragile, not enough feed.  Clay doesn't always clean out the waterers well, so we had a discussion on that tonight.  He gets it, and I'm sure he will do better.  I told him he needs to fill the feed troughs a little fuller, and I sprinkled plenty of oyster shell around.  The article also said to put golf balls in the nests.  They will peck unsuccessfully at the golf balls, and it may be enough to deter them.

Walmart is open 24 hours.  Into the car, get the golf balls, put them in the nests.  Then into the house to finish the cottage cheese.  The timer is nagging me again to do the next step.  It is 10:16, and I am at least an hour from hitting the pillow.

Yes, I must be very wicked indeed.

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  1. I think every farmer must feel this way. That's why they invented winter...a time for at least a little rest by a fire in a cozy chair.
    P.S. I forgot to get the eggs from my chickens last night as I was going to bed! Had to go out there at midnight with a flashlight. Not fun!