Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cow play

Diana, one of our shareholder/milkers, took a couple of pictures tonight.  The cows always get a little frisky when the weather begins to cool down, and two of the girls were having fun today "fighting," then licking one another.

Diana writes:  "I took a few pictures of Delaney and Lucky with my cell phone tonight while I was milking. . . . I thought you might enjoy them.  While waiting for the other cows to catch up, Lucky went up to Delaney, and Delaney started licking Lucky's face.  Lucky tolerated this for a while, then wanted to butt heads and chased Delaney around.  They alternated grooming with "fighting" several times.  They were pretty funny to watch..."

Delaney and Lucky

Delaney and Lucky

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  1. They look so happy! I'm sure they're enjoying this much cooler weather.