Thursday, September 27, 2012

The River House

Okay, I promised some pics.  I finally got them uploaded to my desktop from my cell phone.  There has to be an easier way than how I do it.  I can probably just beam them over.  But anyway, it is done.  You will see why I can leave the farm.  This little jewel has it all - location, location, location.

Tell me what you think.  :)

Street view - I want to add an atrium to this side.
It's in sore need of some landscaping, but I will enjoy doing that.  The foundation plantings can be salvaged.  I will be bringing armloads of blooming mums to put out here just as soon as we close. Front steps need some work, too.  Not much curb appeal, which is why this gem was probably sitting on the market for so long.

Nice hardwood floors throughout the house
I even like the color of the walls.  I'll repaint, but probably keep the green in the main living area.  I am hoping I can get my hide-a-bed into one of the small bedrooms upstairs, will make it into a library and a place for guests to sleep.

The view to the river - who could ask for anything more?

Back of house, going to river
The walkout has plenty of room for my soap and lotion operation, plus a laundry room.  My friend Stan and I are going to do a layout, then I can see how much of my furniture will fit, how much has to go.  I have already sold some stuff, and my big huge glass dining room table has to go.  That's okay.  I have my mom's gate-leg table sitting in my family room now, and I can hardly wait to set that up in the dining room.  Will need to find some chairs, though.  That will be fun.  Maybe attend some estate sales?  I'll have a little more time once the farm duties are gone.

The shoreline
Needs some weeding, but this is a sand beach, and the river bottom is quite nice here, not at all mucky.  Once the farm is sold, I will be putting in a dock and getting a small pontoon boat.  Oh, joy!!  I used to live on a lake, and I am really looking forward to living here.  

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