Monday, October 8, 2012


It reached 25.1º last night.  All of my green beans are mush.  My restaurant account was counting on some.  I picked a small box of mushy pole beans to cook for myself for lunch.  With butter, salt and pepper, they will be fine.  But they are not restaurant quality.

Clay is out there picking armloads of greens.  I'm soaking heirloom lettuces in the sink and will bag in cello bags.  Brad, the restaurant manager, will take as many bags as I can bring him.  I have a few carrots and beets for him as well, but it is slim pickin's this week.  :(

I'll have some pictures later today of these end of season harvests.  Got several bushels of hot and sweet peppers the other night, and they are beautiful!  Definitely picture-worthy.

Well, back to the kitchen.

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