Friday, October 26, 2012

Think about it . . .

What's on my mind?  I am worried about the election.  The economy isn't doing too badly.  President Obama has gotten us out of one war and is getting us out of another.  Housing starts are up.  The stock market has nearly doubled in the past four years.  But in spite of all that, half the population wants a change to the unknown.  We know where President Obama stands.  Romney won't say how he will make the budget numbers work.  He has waffled all over the map on foreign relations and abortion (but Ryan hasn't!).  I am particularly appalled by what is happening to a woman's right to choose. 

The Republicans say we need less government - that is, on Wall Street, with governing agencies such as the EPA, and let's not worry about climate change - it isn't real.  No economist of any repute can make Romney's budget numbers work, but it sure SOUNDS good.  Far too many people seem to be clinging to a dream that they are going to have more money if Romney is in the White House.  And what are they ignoring?

So much for less government when it comes to our bedrooms.  The government should not be making the decision for women regarding their own bodies.  Keep in mind that 15 people running for the senate believe that a woman should be forced to carry a fetus that is the result of rape.  15!!!!!!  Paul Ryan, Mr. Romney's running mate, joins that group as well.  And in 31 states, the rapist has the right to participate in that child's upbringing.  It could happen and in fact it has happened.  Roe v. Wade could be overturned. The personhood amendment to the constitution could become a reality.  We would have women being forced to have babies who don't want them.  On the other hand, it would be the end of in vitro fertilization because the unused zygotes would be destroyed - or as the far right would have you believe, they would be murdered. So women who want children would not be able to have them, and those who don't would become incubators for an unwanted child, because our politicians believe they know what is best.

Like I said, I am upset.  I'm okay with the government running the EPA.  I'm not okay with them running our bodies.  We have minds of our own.  Think about these things when you go to the voting booth.  Your and your daughter's futures are at stake. 

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