Sunday, October 21, 2012

I did it!

One of my printers prints on both sides of the paper - I mean, REALLY prints on both sides.  I can start a run of 25 or 30 of my trifolds for market or the dairy herd association and go away.  It prints one side, then runs the paper back through to do the other.  I just love it!

I got an error message and it was dead in the water.   I thought, "I'll just buy another."  It wasn't very expensive, as I remember, bought it on sale at Staples.  Well, it was nearly $200!  So I looked up the error code I was getting and found it was the print head.  After some searching, I found a genuine Canon print head for only $40.  That is a lot less than $200.

When the print head arrived, I just let it sit there, since a couple of friends were coming over to do a video  (my antique piano has great tone) and one of them is good with computers.  I figured he would be willing to help me with it.  Things didn't go as planned with the recording, and I got impatient.  Gotta love Google.  I found some instructions, but they just didn't make sense to me.  I would look up a phrase that I didn't understand, and dig a little deeper.  Finally I started looking up images.  I am much better at looking at how things are to be done, rather than reading a bunch of words.

VOILA!  Finally found a picture of a printer that looked exactly like mine, with close-up of print head, and once I was there, it took about two minutes to change out the head.

Such a sense of accomplishment.  Oh, and it is printing correctly.  :)  :)  :)

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