Monday, February 15, 2010

Drama, high drama!

I am enjoying a new series on CBS, The Good Wife.  Part of the reason I watch is for the opportunity to see Chris Noth in the role of a disgraced and incarcerated Chicago politician.  I'm a long time fan, and even though he plays the part of a scoundrel, he is still worth looking at.  ;-)

In the usual fashion of TV shows, the drama increases week by week, and last Tuesday's episode fit the mold.  I recorded it, and after watching it a second time, I could see how contrived it was, how many holes there were in the story.  In one scene, two supposedly exhausted lawyers who have been in the office for 24 hours are discussing the case at hand.  The man has a day's growth of beard.  The woman however doesn't have a hair out of place, and her clothes have no wrinkles.  No wrinkles in the guy's wardrobe either.

It brought to mind how exhausted I am pretty much of the time once greenhouse season starts.  My clothes are wrinkled and stained.  My hair is most certainly not in place.  My hands are dark with dirt, cuticles rough, nails beyond getting clean even with a stiff bristled brush.  Now THAT is the picture of exhaustion.  I was wondering what kind of TV series it would make, someone playing me, the accidental farmer, with all of the drama around here.

Tashi would be good for several episodes, including one from last Wednesday.  Unfortunately I let her out without the shock collar, trusting her a bit too much a bit too soon.  I got involved in repairing a water line in the east pasture and was not paying any attention to her.  Suddenly I heard a hen squawking.  There was another merry-go-round - Tashi chasing the chicken in circles in a little spot of woods, ears flapping, tail wagging, big doggy grin on her face, having the time of her life!  I called the magic command, "Leave it!"  Had to call it a second time, but she dropped to the ground.  The rest of the day, she didn't approach a chicken, nor did she go near the Moop.  These are both good signs.  She is aware that what she is doing is not acceptable.  But there is probably another episode coming.  Sigh . . .

And how about the raccoon?  Surely that would make a great episode - the raccoon running slower and slower, me panting harder and harder calling out every now and then, "You are so beautiful," before finally trapping him in a blanket and pitching him over the side of the screen porch.

And finding Jack lying on his side in the pen, unable to get up - do you remember that one?  For the second time in his short life, I thought I would lose him.  And how wonderful to find success by using a laxative on the poor little guy.

And my onion seeds have germinated!  They are sprouting in the atrium here in the house - too soon to be paying to heat the whole greenhouse.  I'm excited. 

So, do you think it would make a prime time show?  Do you think the actor who played my part, sitting exhausted on a kitchen stool deciding what to stuff her face with before falling into bed, would work as well as Christine Baranski, playing high powered attorney Diane Lockhart in spotless and unwrinkled silk blouse leaning against a huge wooden desk on the 50th floor of a downtown Chicago skyscraper?

Probably not.


  1. It might be amusing for city folks. I don't think it would fly with farmers. People watch tv to escape reality, not to be reminded of it. Although watching someone else's reality seems to be okay. Have you ever noticed that people on tv with animals never step in it? Never slip on it, fall in it, never shown scraping their boots. If you have a husband, you could be on Wife Swap. I'm sure there's some woman waiting to experience the nitty gritty of farm life. Someone with really nice long salon nails with embedded gems! LOL

  2. Susan, you were always a good story teller maybe you could make it a comedic tragedy called "not so green acres" forget the absolute reality. Dave

  3. I'd like to see that, Phyllis - nails embedded with jewels, and cuticles embedded with dirt!! LOL

  4. Hi, Dave. I'd really like to think my life is interesting, but I don't think it would cut it for a tv show, whether comedy, tragedy or drama. It was really just a flight of fancy - having fun with thoughts of how my life stacks up against high powered lawyers. And even if I tried to write it "true," we know what the execs would do with it. I wouldn't recognize my life anymore when they were done with it! LOL

  5. Psssssst...I've been told more than once that I look like Chris Noth.

    Of course, that was 30 pounds ago...