Thursday, February 18, 2010

I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Soon the greenhouse will be in full swing.  It is now or never to get the junk off the desks in my office.  The treasurer's duties for the milk association will no longer be mine in a couple of weeks, but I have to get things cleaned up before I pass the baton to Barb, who will be our new treasurer soon.

Yesterday I stayed at it until all of one file was cleaned up.  When shareholders quit, they get their money back after they meet certain requirements, such as turning in their bills of sale.  Sometimes they don't do that and need a little nagging.  I don't have time to nag anyone.  Yesterday I took the time to do so, and hopefully they will all get their paperwork in and get paid and I can close that file.  It is one of those tasks that is time-consuming and doesn't seem particularly rewarding.  But when the last check is sent out, that will be a load off.

Today I need to get the milkers' file cleaned up.  The milkers are paid a fair wage for milking; any dues and assessments are deducted from what is owed, and then they can draw on the account when needed.  Some request checks monthly, others let it ride until the holidays, or until they are going on vacation.  It's about done, and when it is all cleaned up, then Barb will get the whole kit and caboodle.

I'm doing a little painting on some shelving in my living room.  The paint was bought two years ago - now I am finally getting to it.  The paint can is sitting in a warm place, brush is out, papers are laid.  Just need to open the can and get to it today.  It's maybe a three hour job.

By tomorrow, the way should be clear for the greenhouse season.  Androo and I will be planting more seeds, and if the ground will allow, we will work on getting the hardware cloth buried around the inside perimeter of the greenhouse in an effort to keep the critters out.

Really, I do see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I may just take the time to go drumming at Marie's tonight.  Boom boom tika tik boom tika tik . . .