Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coming attractions . . .

I got a new camera.  It doesn't have all of the features I would like, but I know my budget.  I opted for the best lens I could get for the money.  The zoom isn't bad - much better than my old one, and it takes good pictures.  I just need to finish installing software so that I can upload them into these blogs.  So when I get that done, you will be able to read about these happenings.
  • To Market, To Market - pictures of the people I work with at the market and their booths
  • Tommy Goes a Courtin' - starring several Tom turkeys on a mission with the hens
  • Growing the Garden - not what's growing IN the garden, but making the garden bigger
So now I am committed.  Hopefully sometime before midnight tonight, the pictures will be making their way into the queue for the blog.

Oh, a chicken update - the girls are laying seven to nine eggs a day.  They have definitely exceeded what is to be expected for their breed.  It's all those good bugs, and a lot of fresh air!  Someone asked me about how they did living in the Moop in the winter.  I said they didn't live in the Moop, only at night when they are locked up for protection against the predators.  Every day, without fail, the door was open and they were free to roam.  And roam they did.  One of the reasons I got this breed is because they are supposed to be good foragers.  That was no lie.  Even when the snow was deep, they were out in it, scratching away until they got down to the good stuff.  Yesterday it was nine eggs again.  Oh, they are superstars!!  :)

I am finally working down the "eggs owed" column. Those who worked on the Moop were promised eggs for their time, and I ended up with an "eggs payable" column of 1,700 eggs!!  But I'm down to 1,472.  One of these days . . .

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