Monday, March 29, 2010

Ya gotta love 'em!

Today I put two flats of plants out to get them hardened off before planting in the garden.  I set them on top of some bags of potting soil, where I had set them a couple of other times.  In the meantime, I went down to the garden to prepare a strip for planting.  I couldn't find my garden rake, looked in the barn, the greenhouse and the garage.  No rake.  I called Androo.  He said he looked for it the other day, walked the whole perimeter of the garden, looked in both barns and the greenhouse, no rake.

This is so frustrating!  There are three of us using the tools now, Androo, Clay and me.  I often misplace tools, but I have my favorite places for misplacing them.  So I walked around the garden again, then into the back part of the barn and the haymow.  (I have used it to rake up hay from the floor a few times.)  No rake.

Enough!  The rake is a piece of junk anyway, 25 years old, falls apart.  I headed uptown to Kabelin's Ace Hardware and bought a new one.  It was a bit pricey, but it has a fiberglass handle and it is light as a feather!  I was in a very good mood when I got home - until I saw the chickens.  They were on the bags of potting soil having a ball with the plants!  The cabbages may be done.  They pretty much mowed them off.  However, the tat soil and pac choi afforded them some real entertainment!  The plants were a little bigger, and when they picked at them, the whole plug popped out of the seedling tray!  There were plugs on the bags of potting soil.  There were plugs lying every which way on the tray.  There were plugs on the ground.  And there were plugs in a few beaks!  Argh!!!!!!

Now you know why I am mad at them.  Here is a picture that shows why ya gotta love 'em even when they are misbehaving!

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