Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More critters on the farm . . .

Tonight I brought back three coolers full of tilapia.  They are voracious eaters of pond scum and algae, and are also bottom feeders.  I fully expect these 60 fish to do a number on the pond this year. 

I was supposed to get 125, but there was a problem with that hatch, so the breeder gave me 10 leftover one pounders from an earlier hatch and about 60 fingerlings.  He assured me that I will be amazed at how much they can eat.  $40 for the lot of them.  My neighbor told me another option is to dredge my pond.  It is nearly an acre and a half and was originally 14 feet deep in the middle.  Only $75,000 to dredge it.  Hmmmmmmm.  $40 or $75,000.  Not a hard choice to make.  I will give the tilapia a chance to do their thing.

Well, off to bed.  Another big day tomorrow.  Androo and I will put in the last of the herbs, then Allen and I are going to start going through the garage.  The eight cubic yard dumpster that I rented for two weeks is getting very full indeed!

I am really in a clean up and clean out mode.  The barn is done, my closet and bathroom are both done and now the fish are taking care of the pond.  Little by little, this place is shaping up.


  1. I was JUST wondering a day or two ago if you had gotten the Tilapia this year and how it was working. That's what forced me to finally get back on and catch-up with your blog. I'll be interested to hear how you think they did this season.

  2. I keep driving by the pond and expecting to see a break in all of the green duckweed floating on the top. Perhaps I am being a bit optimistic! It's still solid green.