Friday, July 2, 2010

Good-bye, little bull . . .

 Buttercup's bull calf left us tonight.  He was bought by a little girl for a 4-H project, and he is going to get to be back on the teat!  Her mom has a cow that has enough milk to take care of two calves, so when her cow freshens, she buys another calf to raise with the new one of her own.  She bought a bull calf from us last year and brought pics to show him off.  She called again this year to see if we had another bull calf, and of course we do.

This is a really good place for him.  He will get a lot of attention from the kids, and he will also get to nurse again.  No more blue plastic pails with black nipples - he will get the real thing!!

I was sorry to see him go.  We usually sell our calves when they are about three days old, but Junior is a month old, and of course I have gotten very fond of him.  He has also gotten quite big!  We could not get the halter on him.  It took five of us to corner him in the nurse pen, and when he tried to break out, I tackled him.  Both of us ended up on the ground, me with my arms locked around him so that he couldn't get away.  It was an interesting event.

I have always said that if I had played a professional sport, it would have been football.  I am even more convinced of that tonight.  There was a great deal of satisfaction in being the one who tackled him and brought him to the ground.  Everyone gathered around asking, "Are you all right?  Are you hurt?"

Obviously the answer was yes, I'm all right, and no, I'm not hurt.  I was lying on the ground grinning from ear to ear.

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  1. We demand video of such events next time.