Friday, July 30, 2010

Missy the Missing Chicken

Well, we have established a routine.  If I get to the Moop in time, while still very light but at the first sign of dusk, Missy is there and I can lure her into the Moop with food.  If I am five minutes late, she is gone.

I don't know where she goes, although twice I have found her in a tree.  Last night I was a little late, so she spent the night out again.  This morning, I couldn't find her in the trees.  I have no idea where she was.  It is obvious that she finds a different place each night.  I am wondering if she is brooding chicks.  It's highly unlikely, since Campines are not a broody breed.  I will have to try to make a count throughout the day.  If she is consistently gone through the day, only there at feeding time, then she may in fact have a nest somewhere.

I am not even going to try to put her away for the next three weeks.  We will see if she shows up with kids in tow.

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