Monday, July 12, 2010

Daring to plan for pleasure . . .

It has been months of drudgery. I'm sure you are sick of my complaining about how hard I am working.  But at last, the rough season is behind me here on the farm.

With Liefschon, Allen and Androo's help, I find that my days do not consist entirely of what MUST be done.  There is some time each day to pursue tasks that are going to make me feel better.  Like cleaning out the freezer in the garage -- I had no idea that I had so much grass fed beef in there!  Or sweeping all of the floors in the living area of my house.  Usually, the only time I can go barefoot sans grit underfoot, thanks to my sandy soil, is right after Allen has cleaned.  A simple pleasure, but one very much enjoyed.  I took the time to put on a pair of earrings this morning, and I made sure that my shorts and tank top matched.  It has been awhile since I have cared.

My flower beds, oh, my poor flower beds.  Some  never got planted, and aside from some straggly perennials struggling valiantly with the weeds, there was nothing left to save.   I had Allen go through the worst of them with the weed whip. So now I am eying them and thinking, "There are a few remaining bags of potting soil.  I think I will try a recovery program on a few of them.  Flowers would be nice."

"Flowers would be nice" was not in my vocabulary over the past few months, and it is good to hear myself uttering that phrase with pleasure, not frustration or reminding myself it is just wishful thinking.

And perhaps there will be a few more entries here.  And the pictures will get uploaded.  And I will figure out how to upload some movies.

I'm going to take a nap.  :)

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