Friday, July 16, 2010

My free time

What am I doing with the 30 plus hours per week that are freed up since Leifschon is milking in the mornings and Allen is here 20 hours instead of five?

I have a new flower bed planted under the tree by the barn.  The old flower bed was a mess!  There are several new perennials doing their thing, and they'll be back year after year.  I'm going to look for some more annual bedding plants at the market tomorrow to tuck between them, but if I don't find any, I am just happy that the flower bed is no longer a mass of quack grass.

There are petunias in the flower bed in front of the atrium now.  It is overflowing with wild flowers, and some of them are getting out of hand, but they are better than weeds.  The tithonia and zinnias that were planted in early June are blooming, along with purple coneflower and three different kinds of bright yellow flowers - black eyed Susans, coreopsis and a third wild and shaggy one that I'm not sure of.  It really needs to be contained.  I got a couple of new perennials to tuck in that bed as well - low growing Iceplant, that appears to be some kind of succulent and will do well in my sandy, dry soil, and Crocosmia, a taller plant with brilliant red flowers that will enjoy the sun in that flower bed.  I have no idea how fast they will spread, but it is time for something new.

I went to a friend's house to drum last night.  Never did pick up my drum.  Instead a few of us sat outside on the deck and enjoyed the evening, chatting about this and that.  No knot in my stomach worrying about what was left undone in order to steal a couple of hours to be with friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The dumpster is finally out of here - filled to overflowing!  Now to get the iron mongers back here to finish picking up pieces of corrugated roofing, a couple of rolls of rusty barbed wire, and to cut apart the old Ford Econo-Line van that is rusting in my woods.  No one sees it but me and the deer hunters, but it will be good to have it gone.

My life is very nearly in order.  Well, sort of.

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