Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last night - checking chickens in the dark

I didn't count, but my best guess is that about a third of the new chickens were in the Moop last night.  However, there was one little hang-up.  The pecking order is no joke.  Two of the older hens were busy clearing the top two rungs of the roosts.  They were vicious!  No interlopers allowed!  Top run is reserved for the old girls and Buster, and by the way, the next rung is a "no fly / no roost" zone, thank you very much.  Bottom two rungs only for the newbies!!

In the process of grabbing screeching chickens by the legs to move them from under the truck onto the perches, some of the ones waiting for their turn with the mad lady decided to walk out from under the truck and hop into the back on their own power.

Will tonight be a little easier?  I hope so, because I am getting 16 more chickens on Sunday morning.  I have received a gift of 12 laying hens and four three-month-old chicks, about the age of mine.  So the flock grows, and I shall have eggs.  Blue and green ones, too, by the way, since a few of the layers are Araucanas.  :)

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