Friday, September 10, 2010

Rosie and Sam are having a date . . .

Sam, our bull, is such a lover!  He really woos the cows that he is servicing, spending quality time with them.  He will lick his lady's neck, stay by her side, and keeps the jumping to a minimum.  He also sings to them. 

It's Rosie's turn.  She will not settle (that means get pregnant) this heat - it is too soon since she had her calf.  Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, gives the cows a few months after freshening (that means having a calf) before a live egg drops.  But they still do come in heat, and so there are some times for dates without consequence.  Rosie and Sam are having one today.

It is sweet to see them hanging out together.  They are walking side by side.  Wherever one of them is grazing the other is not far away.  I can see them now, on the other side of some trees, away from the others, walking, munching, enjoying one another's company. 

Today, I am especially glad that I am a farmer!

Sam is on left, Rosie on the right.

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