Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moving the Moop

We finished the fencing and moved the Moop into the new chicken run, a distance of about 20 feet.  Last night, only five of the nine chickens spent the night in it.  It was nearly dark when I got home from Purple Porch, and I couldn't find the four others.  This morning, they were there, hanging around the back door of the Moop, waiting for the other chickens to be released.

Tonight I made sure I went out earlier.  I had eight of them close to the Moop, should have closed the fence, but I didn't and two escaped.  I put the other six inside, so I got in one more tonight than last night.

Before I got them into the new area, they all hung around the spot where the Moop formerly sat.  It is just a spot on the lawn with no grass, bare dirt, where it has rested for the last year.  But apparently they still call that home.

The remaining three are roosting within a few feet of one another in a tree very close to where the Moop was sitting.  Only twenty feet, that's all, but they are not going to rest easily at their new address.

Funny little creatures.

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