Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spreading biodynamic preparations - BD500

This afternoon, we did our second application of BD500.  Click here to see information on biodynamic farming in India.  Last fall, we packed cow horns with manure from our own organic cows and buried the horns in a circle.  This spring, we dug them up and removed the manure from the horns.  By then, it had composted into sweet smelling clumps.  We broke them up and used half of them, mixed with water, to spread on our pastures.

The rest of the horn manure went into a bucket and was put aside until today.  There were close to 20 members here, ready to go.  "Many hands make light work."  We worked in pairs, letting those with experience help out those who were new to it. 

We used the last of it today, then repacked the horns with fresh manure and put them back in the ground for another six months.  Next spring, we will start the process all over, uncovering these horns, removing the composted manure, and stirring to make more BD500.  The pastures were limed a couple of years ago, but this is the only other fertilizer we use.

Those who stirred took home a quart jar of BD500 to apply to their own lawns and gardens.  A quart will do plenty!

I made sure there was some left for my own gardens and flower beds.  Our president, Tina, said, "Oh, we already did your garden."  I was so grateful, started heading for my herb garden, and she said, "We did that!"  So I headed to the flower beds, and she said, "We got them, too!"  Doubly grateful.  The people in our milk association are good people, and their efforts are much appreciated, by me and by the cows who will be grazing on the paddocks they walked today.

Here are more pics of today's workers.  (One of these days, I have got to do something about formatting!  My apologies for the awkward spacing of the photos.)

Finishing up - A JOB WELL DONE!

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