Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And yet another bull calf!

We are not meeting the odds.  Out of five calves born so far this season, four have been bulls.  But that's okay.  There are still five to be born, and we have decided that we want to raise some meat animals, so it looks like we are going to keep these two little guys.

Quattro gave birth to a bull calf yesterday morning.  Again, she obviously was bred on her first heat after freshening last spring.  All I have to say is that Sam, with all his romancing of the cows, is getting the job done!  We really need to find a place to board him, as we do NOT want to be having calves in January next year.  So I will have to get him off the place until early June, when we can let him do his thing again.

Here is Quattro with her new calf.  He is a big and sturdy guy!  Fortunately, he made his way under the fence before we found him, so that Quattro was in one paddock and he was in another.  It allowed us to scoop him up into the golf cart and get him to the nursing pen, with Quattro running furiously after us on the other side of the fence.  She is probably the most protective of all of the cows when it comes to her calves, so having a fence between us was a very good thing.

1 comment:

  1. Such a beautiful baby. I like that 'lightening strike' on his side.
    Good thing the electric fence was on, right?
    Kudos. Judy Valente