Sunday, March 20, 2011

Remembering Marj

Well, at last, it is spring.  The long range weather forecast for this week does nothing to support that, and I am really hating daylight savings time.  So glad that the golfers will have an extra hour of sunlight at night - BUT I am now feeding in pitch dark on Saturday mornings again.  And I leave for market a bit late because I do not want to let the chickens out of the Moop until I can see a little light in the eastern sky.  No sense inviting big bad critters to dine on chickens in the morning darkness.

Hasn't the moon been beautiful the past couple of nights?  Truly a sight to behold.  Last night we celebrated the Spring Equinox, a bonfire going, and scarves hung all over the trees in our little grove.  Why scarves, you might ask?  We lost a good woman last Saturday, March 12, 2011, and we were honoring her, remembering her.  She just loved to wear bright scarves, so it seemed appropriate to hang some around our fire, then to tell our Marj stories, remembering her, holding her close.   I am one of those people who doesn't even pretend to know one way or the other if there is life after the one here on earth, but if there is, I can say for sure that Marj is there and she is lighting up the place.  She doesn't need bright scarves to do it either.  Her very being sparkled, and that is why her crone name, chosen for her by her close friends, is Sparkling Wisdom. Marj was a free spirit who told it like it was, and her wisdom shone through.

Those of us who had the privilege to know her will always remember her.

Marj Stradley s.k.a. Sparkling Wisdom

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