Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's another bull calf

Last year, our first animal to freshen was Lucky, my little sweetheart, my pet.  She was a heifer, and it was her first calf.  It was a huge bull, and it died at birth.  We are not sure why.  It seemed normal.  I was on a road trip, and my guess is that if I had been there when it was born, I might have been able to clear out its passageways.  We have an instrument to suction their throats if there is a problem when they are born, but by the time Androo found the calf it was already too late.  He did all he could.  Even if I had been there, I might not have gotten to the pasture in time.

Lucky just gave birth to another bull, a beautiful little guy.  He wasn't here yet when I fed this morning, but when Kayla got here to milk, he was up and running around!  I am so happy for Lucky!  It was a pretty sad time last year, with her crying for a calf that wasn't to be.  This year, she is happily in the nursing pen with the new little one.  I haven't seen him suckle yet, but I am sure he will.  Nothing wrong with this little guy!

Say hello to our third bull of the season.  Gee, these odds are not good!  Maybe the next few calves will be heifers! 

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