Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cleaning up - the hard part of making cookies

I made Lebkuchen tonight, a wonderful German cookie that my mom taught me to make.  I inherited her cookbooks, and the Lebkuchen recipe has her handwriting all over it.

The smell of these honey spice cakes is so lovely, and so evocative of Christmases past for me.  I follow a low carb diet, so I make these for family members, for the church raffle, and to sell at my booth at the market.  But the smell is carb-free, so I am enjoying them very much.

I allow myself one cookie on Christmas morning, dunked in coffee, of course.  There is no other way to eat Lebkuchen.  And they are best if they are allowed to age a couple of weeks.  They will be prime on December 25!

But alas, they are MESSY cookies to make, and now it is time to clean up the kitchen.

Sifter for powdered sugar glaze

Sink is full . . .

Ugh!  The dough is really sticky, so this will be fun to get clean.

Finished product

As soon as glaze is dry, the last cookies will go in the box.  Yum!!


  1. Is it too much to ask for a few to show up on the 24th???


    1. Jim, did you enjoy the Lebkuchen? Abby was a quick learner, so she will know how to make them. I left her a photocopy of Mom's recipe. Looking forward to another cookie making day next December. Love, Mom.