Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I was so excited . . .

Today Joe Brammer, my contractor extraordinaire, was picking up my new storage shed from Lowe's.  I measured carefully, and it would fit neatly under my deck, just outside the walkout door from my basement.  And best of all, it would hold some shelving that is now in the garage and is preventing me from using the garage for my car. (I can get the car in the garage, but I can't open the car door once I am in there!)

Joe and his helper were going to put it together, put the shelving in, and then move the generator, the air compressor, the wheelbarrow and the power washer in there, giving me a whole lot more room in the garage and the soap room.

When they were done, Joe said, "That shelving won't fit.  Not even close!"

I said, "Impossible!  I measured it carefully."

He then told me the long side was 48", interior.  I said the interior is 6' x 4.33', long side should be 72".  He insisted it wasn't.  I dug out the specs, the guys came in the house and read them, then we wrote down the model number and took it outside to the box the panels came in.  Wrong shed.

To say I am disappointed is to say the least.  In addition, the guys had to wait 50 minutes at Lowe's to get loaded - something that should have taken 10 minutes.  And of course I paid two guys to work an hour each to level the site, put up the building and position it.

I called Lowe's.  They are saying they will make it right.  We will see.  Stay tuned.

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  1. A generator, air compressor and power washer can take up a lot of room. Such a shame the shed turned out to be the wrong one! I hope they make it right.