Thursday, December 4, 2014

Heading for the last roundup - YEE HAW!!!

Lowe's loaded the wrong tool shed when Joe went to pick it up yesterday and we didn't discover it until we couldn't fit some shelving into it.  Talk about disappointment!  I was so looking forward to getting stuff out of the basement and garage so that I could get my walk-out basement organized - soap room and storage in one side, office and workout equipment on the other.  And when the dust settles, I should be able to park my car in the garage.  Wow, what a concept - a car in the garage!!

Lowe's did a great job at making things right - they brought out the correct (and bigger) shed, took down the wrong one and constructed the right one.  Joe and one of his crew came out this morning and moved things into the new shed - the shelving, plus a lot of big equipment that I rarely use but didn't want to get rid of.

Yup, I'm heading for the last roundup!  Market today, then a pedicure - a total indulgence for me.  Friday, I will be hard at it all day.  That soap room that was supposed to be done on August 1 will finally be ready for some serious manufacturing!

Here are a few of the "before" pics.  Friday night, I will have a new set showing the finished product.  :)

Yes, this was clear once, but . . .

No place to put the new totes for soap supplies

This is the worst of it!

Or maybe this is!!

Or this?

Just what everybody needs in a work room - power washer and compressor!

New shed

Look at all that room!

Garage has been filling back up!

What do I do with this?

I can see a little bare floor here.  :)

This is the pathway to my office.  Ugh!

The new shed is organized!  Now to fill those shelves.  Yup, heading for the last roundup!!

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