Monday, December 8, 2014

The soap room is done. Hurrah!

The soap room is FINALLY done.  The contractor promised the construction end of things would be done by August 1.  Then I could have moved things a bit at a time, bringing stuff from the farm each day I came in for market.  Good plan, bad execution.  He didn't even begin to execute the plan until I was moved in.  But it is all behind me now.

I am quitting for the day, just need to take a little time off, but tomorrow morning I can hit the ground running - everything in place, all labeled.  At the farm, things were strung out all over - in the barn, in the spare bedroom, in the furnace room, in the family room, and in what I called the soap room, but it was only a small portion of it.

So here it is.  I'm sure with use I am going to move things around, but for now, everything has been unpacked, and every drawer and door has been labeled so I don't lose track of things.  I am really looking forward to working in this area, and it will be nice to have the office right around the corner for making labels and placing orders.

There are still some big boxes of lotion jars, but I have enough moved to totes in the soap room so that getting to them is a twice a year exercise. The rest are hiding behind a screen.

Here are the pics.

Hutch from Salvation Army put to good use!

Need a little room for cleaning supplies, the rest are lotion containers.

Work area.  Raw material behind doors and under sink, plus some jars.

Finished soap, bulk ingredients, production records and more.

Old buffet top holds enough molds for a batch of soap.  :)

Bread rack works great for curing soap.  One batch just fits on one tray.

Big, BIG boxes from barn hiding behind the screen.

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