Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blessed be!

Lucy did well this morning.  Milk flowed on the first tug.  She didn't defecate once during the whole time in barn.  These are both signs of continued and rapid healing.

Regarding our new supply of hay, the cows' production was up 25% last night, after just 36 hours on the new balage.  That is good stuff!  Also, we have plenty of it.  This morning, for the first time in weeks, I was not greeted with much bellowing from hungry cows.  Even Blackie and the three little calves were silent.  They are well fed at last!

That didn't keep me from giving them two big flakes of balage this morning.  Let's hope production rises again tonight.  The shareholders will be delighted. 

In spite of the clouds, this is a great day.  Now if the Bears can just pull off a win against Bengals this afternoon, then my day will be complete!


  1. Ouch! Sorry about da bears...

  2. Yeah, they were pitiful, but they looked good today. I know, how could anybody look bad against the Browns, but nevertheless . . .