Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rain, or lack thereof

Rain + sun = grass

Grass + cow = milk

I am really, really, REALLY sick of this weather.  We only got about an inch of rain the whole month of  September.  Lots of fog, mist, a few days of drizzle.  That means not much sun.  The pastures are terrible.  Not enough rain, but plenty of clouds to block the sun.

October is not doing much better.  Again, today, it "rained" all day, but end result in the rain gage was less than a quarter inch.  It looks wet outside, but I can kick up dust with my boot, and I am not kicking very hard.  It looks wet, it feels wet, but it ain't wet!  All this weather did today was prevent the sun from shining on the grass.  (See equation #1 above.)

We are feeding a lot of hay.  The cows should still be feasting on pasture.  In fact, fall rains can produce some pretty good pastures.  But alas, it is not to be this year.  I looked at my rain records, and we got over 12" of rain in September of 2008.  I am glad I didn't spend the money to top seed the pastures this year.  The seed would have lain there without germinating - it would have been very expensive bird seed!

Well, enough of the kvetching.  It isn't going to change a thing.  I am going to bed.

Still the requisite number of animals here today - 15 chickens, 3 calves, 3 heifers inside the fences, 1 small white cat, 1 large black dog, and 1 cute yappy little dog.

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