Sunday, October 18, 2009

Guest blogger - making cheese

My friend Heather asked me to submit my recipe for cottage cheese.  It is posted on her new blog foraging fromage

Hope you enjoy.  Making cottage cheese is pretty straightforward, although it takes a little time.  But if you ever make your own, you will never want the store bought stuff again!

What I failed to mention in the recipe (will have to have Heather update it for me) is that this recipe makes about two pounds of cheese, and it can easily be halved.

You might also enjoy Heather's girlichef blog.  She is truly an inspired cook, and her photography is wonderful.  It's worth getting to that blog just to look at the pictures.  See it here:  This girl knows how to cook REAL food!!!

Well, back to the pile of paperwork on my counter.


  1. I've updated it Susan :) Thanks for the links to girlichef & forging fromage...your post is wonderful...and has me excited about cheese already this morning! Thanks so much for guest posting!