Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stirring preps - Part 2

I wrote of spreading biodynamic preps on the paddocks last Sunday.  We got all of the paddocks on the west side done, and also did my gardens and flower beds.

Today we finished up, doing all of the paddocks on the east side.  Kathy asked if we should do the chicken yard.  How could I forget it?  But I had.  Kathy made sure that it was sprinkled with the BD-500 that we stirred earlier in the afternoon.

I did Paddock #7, and now I know why the cows didn't milk so well yesterday.  They were on Paddock #7 all day.  I didn't realize how bad it was until I walked every square foot of it this afternoon.  Ragweed and goldenrod do not make milk.  It does have its redeeming graces, however, since it is where the yarrow grows, yarrow that I harvest to make my yarrow cream. 

I made another discovery this afternoon.  I now know where the chickens are escaping the fence.  So tomorrow I will go out with pieces of bent coat hangers and secure the fencing along the ground.  There is also a big tear in one section, so a little heavy duty thread is in order.  I do so need that electric netting!  Maybe next month.

In spite of the escape hatches in the fencing, tonight there are 15 chickens in the Moop, 3 calves, 3 heifers inside the fence, 1 small white cat and 1 large black dog.  Tomorrow I will tell you about Ayn Chee.

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