Friday, October 2, 2009

Hard frost

My weather forecast said low of 38º Tuesday.  I shouldn't have trusted it.  We got a hard frost.  Even my lettuce got nipped.  It stayed well above freezing last night, and it feels pretty balmy out there tonight, but I have got to make time to get my floating row covers out.  That is the only way that lovely tender lettuce is going to make it for another week or two.  I brought in the least damaged of the buttercrunch heads, and that will comprise a good part of my supper. 

As for what in my garden doesn't care about the cold, can you guess?  Collards, broccoli, cabbage and kale!

It is dull and depressing outside.  I am glad for my cast iron wood-burning stove.  It is a ray of light (and heat) when the weather gets like this.  My work room is just off the family room where the wood stove sits, so it was rather pleasant working down there today.  I am finally making a dent in my To-Do list, and I got the last of my internet orders out the door.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today.  All the cows stayed in the pastures.  The dogs stayed home.  None of the chickens got out.  I am just realizing that my quality of life depends to a great extent on keeping animals in their proper places. 

Well, I am going to chill out tonight.  Another good book made it to my mailbox last night, and I look forward to enjoying a few chapters of it this evening.  That is what this weather is good for - warm fires, good books and the last of the buttercrunch lettuce.

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