Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chicken surprise

Yesterday was market day, and I am out at the break of dawn taking care of the animals.  I'm always in a hurry because I have to wait for daylight to open the Moop, but the market opens at 7 am and I like to get there as early as possible with the raw milk deliveries. 

When I got home from market late afternoon yesterday, I saw that the lid from the plastic tote holding the chicken feed was flipped onto the ground.  There were chicken tracks in the feed, and a couple of droppings that I had to remove.  Then when I walked over to the feeders, I realized that I had forgotten to add feed to them in my rush to get chores done that morning. 

What I want to know is how a bunch of chickens managed to get that tote lid off.  It was a snap on lid.  All I can figure is that Androo, my new intern, didn't snap it on tightly when he closed it up on Friday morning.  I just cannot believe that a three pound chicken could get that lid up any other way.  And even then, what a feat!  My chickens are truly super chickens - surviving Tashi attacks, kestrel attacks and a forgetful mother!!

And to my delight, I found six - count 'em, SIX - eggs in the nest.  That is six eggs from 10 hens.  It is the first time they have laid at a rate higher than 50%.  Shall I let them self feed from the tote on a daily basis?  Maybe I have something here!!

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