Friday, January 15, 2010

I am heart sick . . .

I am putting out an appeal in the hopes of finding Tashi a new home.  I've posted to the many boards I am on, and was so hoping I would find good news when I opened my email this morning.  I got many notes from people saying how they would love to take her, what a great dog she is, but . . .

Tashi killed another chicken yesterday, almost got two more.  One chicken escaped into the calf pen.  Tashi can't live here anymore.  Everything I read says she has become a full-fledged chicken killer, and she will not be changed.  She is a great dog, just not in a family with chickens.  My friend Kayla works with animal rescuers and is working through her network to see what she can find.  In the meantime, my poor Tashi has become a 24/7 house dog.  My anger towards her is gone.  I am just holding her and petting her and telling her she is going to get to go to a new home. 

I just put the chicken she mauled yesterday into the compost heap, after trying to revive her last night.  I kept her wrapped in warm towels, thought I saw some eye movement, but she was probably already dead before I went to bed. 

I am a hopeless optimist, not just with reviving chickens, but also about finding Tashi a home.  Maybe one of you readers know of someone who might be looking for a loving dog.  Here is more about her. Tashi

I am so hoping she finds a loving home.

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