Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lucy update - third edition, and other stuff

Lucy milked the best tonight that she has since this latest incidence.  I was despairing of seeing a good stream of milk - and then all of a sudden she started to milk out.  Her udder is feeling slightly softer, too, so that is good news.

The chickens had their first zero egg day.  It's been colder than it was today.  I don't know what their problem is.  Maybe this is in protest of what Tashi did to one of the girls.  I told them to get with the program!!

I took it easy today, stayed away from my business paperwork, read through a couple of low carb books - old news, but I often need reminding.  The holidays presented too many temptations, and I succumbed - frequently. 

My back bedroom finally got emptied out - I sold a set of bunk beds that were not getting used - and I set up my gym.  No excuses now!  I get a lot of exercise, but it is not always well balanced, so now the weight bench is there, and the Nordic Track is set up, and my pilates trainer is pulled out from under the bed.  Like I said, no excuses!! 

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