Monday, January 18, 2010

The continuing saga of Tashi

So far, I have not had a taker for Tashi.  We have gotten into a routine, and it is one that I am wondering if I could live with.  Tashi is a house dog during daylight hours, but while the chickens are buttoned up in the Moop, she is free to roam.  This evening she went all the way down the lane to the neighbor's house and was gone about a half hour.  I guess she needed to run - she is a fast dog, and one that likes to be busy.  So she made the most of her time outside.  I had a meeting this evening, and when I got home and opened the door, she wandered outside for just a few minutes, then came back in.

I still have hopes the a proper home will come available for her.  Someone suggested offering her on Freecycle, but I don't think I can do that.  I want to know the family who takes her, and trust that they will continue with her annual shots, give her her heartworm pill monthly and apply her tick medicine during tick season.  If the person who takes her is a total stranger, not a friend of a friend, not someone who might let me visit her from time to time, than how can I be sure of her care?  I can't bear the thought of her living on the end of a chain.  That is something I have never understood - why do people have a dog if they are not allowed to communicate with their owners - or if they don't want a house dog, then why the chain?  Put up a fence and let them roam free, even if it is just in a small backyard.

Tashi needs wide open spaces.  I wish it had worked out here.  She loves this farm, swims in the pond, wades through the little river to roam the 15 acre wood at the back of my property.  How I wish she had not added herding chickens - and playing with them until they are dead - to her list of things to do.  Sigh . . .

Maybe tomorrow the right person will contact me.  In the meantime, I am loving her to pieces while I still have her.  Double sigh . . .

Tonight, there are still 11 chickens, and by the way, egg production has doubled since Tashi is not allowed outside while they are roaming around.

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