Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where does the time go?

Every day I think that I will get that blog entry written.  I guess thinking I'm going to do it somehow equates with having done it.  Here it is already the 12th of January, and I have only written three entries for the month.

It isn't because I don't have anything to write about.  Lots happening here.  I guess that is sort of like the time/money thing - when you have money, you are usually working so hard you don't have time to enjoy it, and when you have time on your hands, it just may be because you got laid off and don't have any money.  Around here, when things are hopping and there is much to write about, I don't have the time - unless insomnia sets in - and when I have extra time on my hands, it is because nothing is going on, at least nothing worth writing about.

So this morning, instead of getting through a list of printing that I need to get done, I'm writing to all of you about what is happening here.

Weather - The snow is coming down, just like last winter, but so far without the subzero temperatures, for which I am VERY thankful.  The cold snap that was forecast for Saturday and Sunday just didn't happen.  :)  But that snow!  I go out to the Moop several times a day, and now it is extra work because of wading through a foot of snow.  It is a little better now that the chickens and I have cut a path through it.  Three of the chickens use it to get to the garage as soon as they hear the garage door go up!  One of them, I am quite sure, is Henny Penny.

Chickens - Have you ever tried to herd a hen?  In the snow?  A hen that wants to stay just where she is?  Last Friday I wanted to get to our women's potluck at a reasonable time - you know, 15 minutes late instead of 45.  All of the chickens were in the Moop save one.  I found her in the garage, of course.  Another  Chicken Merry-Go-Round !  We went round and round the Prius, until finally I got her on her way towards the Moop.  Did she take the nice beaten down path?  Of course not!  She went through small trees and snow that was over the top of my boots.  She had the advantage of being able to fly when it got too deep for her, but several times she sank a good foot deep into the light snow.  Finally, with much clucking and indignation, she got into the Moop.  I was a little over a half hour late for the potluck, but what's new?

Cows - Lucy is doing so much better, but it is very slow going.  She was really swollen this time.  The affected quarter of her udder was as tight as a drum.  Last night I was so gratified to feel it loosening up a bit.  I could feel many lumps, which is to be expected given her condition, and it meant that the overall swelling was down enough to make them detectable.  But it is going to be many more weeks of hand milking her at night, I think, until that quarter is ready to be machine milked again.  And of course it means we are losing that milk every day.  The main thing, though, is keeping it milking.

Pets - Tashi is doing well with the chickens.  I suppose I will get some pushback from a reader or two, but I got out the shock collar.  I took her on the leash to the Moop, and when she got close to the door, I commanded "Stop!" and used the collar.  Just once.  And the only time the word "stop" is used is when she is anywhere near the Moop or a chicken.  I am pleased to say that she is walking through the garage when there are chickens in it and leaving them entirely alone.  I still put the collar on her when she goes out, and I check her from the window from time to time, but all seems to be well.  And I have only had to use the "stop" command on her twice.  She responded immediately both times.  She also is quick to do "down" now, something that she always hesitated to do on command.  Bear is hanging in there, amazingly, happy and a joy to me in her 16th year.  Ayn Chee is behaving better after some time in the "time out" cage.  Holly Berry is on a tear!  Don't quite know what her problem is, but she is definitely in attack mode!  Her mom was a feral cat, and even though Holly was taken from her when only six weeks old, I fear there is some genetic stuff going on.  She is also having fun opening the automatic door.  When I am working in the soap room, I hear that thing opening again and again!  She goes outside, then immediately comes back in.  She ran it so many times when I first got her that she broke the pulley!  I fear it is on its way to happening again.  Sigh, cats do require a little extra entertainment!!

Well, that's about it from the farm today.  Hope I haven't bored you with all these little details of my life, but they are what keep me so busy.

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