Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Feeling good

I realized that I have not had to stop on the way home from market for a nap in a couple of weeks.  Nearly every day on my way home, I would pull into a parking lot or a gas station, put the seat back, and snooze for ten or fifteen minutes.  It was serious, since I would find myself starting to fall asleep at the wheel and knew I had to stop or risk a serious accident.

So what has changed?  I have help!  I always blamed the sleepiness on things like the drone of the car, or boredom behind the wheel, never on exhaustion.  But I think that is what it was.  Kayla is here now, starting her fourth week of working here.  She works around 30 hours a week, sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on if she is on the milking schedule or not.

Yesterday I had to leave to get chicken feed and to pick up half a pork at the locker, so Kayla was here by herself.  I left her with a few small jobs, told her to stay busy as long as she could since she is not milking this week.  When I got home, both of my wood boxes were filled to the brim, the fires were both going (I usually come home to a bit of a chill and fires that have burned down to some coals), all of the dirty utensils from the soap room were cleaned up and put back in place.  What a nice feeling!  When I got home, I had to unload 300 lbs. of chicken feed, but that was it.  No fires to rebuild, no wood to haul in for the night.  I left the 85 pounds of pork in the car until after Kate and I had supper, and then she helped me bring that in.  I feel absolutely pampered and spoiled!

I think I know why I no longer need a nap on the way home.  It is good to have help here, and Kayla is a jewel!  No job too big or too small for her.  :)

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