Friday, December 17, 2010

Kate is on the road . . .

Well, my granddaughter left this morning, car packed to the hilt, and will be leaving from work this afternoon for her apartment in Indy.  Her family practice round is complete, and so I have lost my boarder.  She will be so glad to be back with her beloved dog, Stanley.  She hoped to bring him along.  Stanley came along on Thanksgiving Day, but unfortunately Tashi showed her Alpha colors and it was not pleasant.  Blood was drawn.  So Stanley had to stay with his Aunt Abby while Kate was here.

My Ayn Chee is a terrier, like Stanley.  To say that Kate and Ayn Chee bonded is an understatement!  When she walked in the backdoor after work, Ayn Chee ran to her with her "go fetch" toy, and it went on all evening.  I know how much Ayn Chee loves her, because she never brings the toy to me.  For the last two nights, Ayn Chee hasn't even come to bed with me until the early morning hours, when she is getting cold and wants to crawl under the covers with me.  I think that is because she is quite put out that Kate sleeps with her bedroom door closed!  Kate would be more than happy to sleep with Ayn Chee, but she keeps her door closed because of her allergic reaction to Holly Berry, the cat.

Oh, what convoluted lives we lead, accommodating the animals with whom we cohabit.  But it is worth it!

I miss Kate already, but not as much as Ayn Chee will miss her.

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