Friday, December 3, 2010

Back in business

I am told that whether or not your chickens lay is dependent on the number of hours of daylight.  My Campines don't understand this concept.  As the days wind down, nearing the winter solstice, they have begun laying!  At least one of the older chickens is laying, and I am getting two or three pullet eggs every day as well.

No rhyme or reason to this.  But I am so glad to be getting my own fresh eggs again.  Kate and I breakfast on eggs and bacon every morning.  This morning there was a pullet egg in the nest when I went out to feed and water at sunrise, so an egg that was warm in my hand went into the skillet today.

All of the eggs I am finding are white, whether full size or pullet.  No blue, no brown.  Obviously, the Campines, independent little devils that I know they are, missed the lesson on day length and laying.


  1. Mine missed that too. My Wyandotte and one of the Australorps lay every single day. the buff Orpington is spotty, but she hasn't yet learned to lay in the nest. I find hers beneath the ornamental grass next to the porch. Still, despite the cold, snow, and lack of daylight... I get fresh eggs every day!

  2. Oh, no, I got three free Buff Orpingtons, sorry to hear that they are egg hiders, too! Every day was like an Easter egg hunt last season, although so far, this year's pullets seem to have the hang of it. I've hit their favorite hiding spots from last year, and haven't found any anywhere but in nests. :)