Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My granddaughter's visit

My oldest grandchild, Kate, is a third year med student, and she is doing a rotation at a clinic about 25 minutes from my farm.  She asked if she could live with me for the next three or four weeks, and I welcomed her with open arms!

We are dealing with a cat allergy, so tomorrow it is heavy duty housecleaning in the bedroom she is using.  It didn't seem to bother the first couple of nights, but it is getting worse, so hopefully the vacuum cleaner, washing machine and some elbow grease will get all traces of Holly Berry out of her room.

Kate loves to eat as much as I do.  We had open faced Reubens tonight, on homemade sourdough rye bread.  Last night it was porterhouse steaks, with salad from the garden.  Yes, there are still valiant greens making a statement in the garden, and the winter radishes will be good for at least another month.

It is so good to visit with Kate in the evenings.  She is so smart, and so thoughtful.  I am so happy that she is a confident, intelligent and caring adult.  As regular readers know, I am very interested in health issues, and it is good to bounce my ideas off her.  It seems that the medical schools are teaching things that are more in line with my beliefs, things like the Vitamin D issue.  Problem is, older doctors often do not have the time or the interest to learn the latest views on such things, and so their patients are still caught up in the old beliefs.  I am glad that things are changing, and that fat is not being quite so demonized as it was for so many years.  But still, Kate said that she read through one on-line lecture that still pushed a low fat diet - but that was dealing with overweight people who had already had a heart attack.

So Kate and I continue to bat around the whole "fat in the diet" controversy over dinner each night, as we eat our high fat meals!  LOL


  1. sounds like a wonderful time. FWIW - I have read when dealing with pet allergies - vacuuming right before someone coming actually makes it worse for the allergy sufferer. So I hope your GD is not suffering to bad with her allergies. It is wonderful to hear what they are now teaching in medical school.

  2. We had a great discussion tonight. She was telling me that she got to "open" a patient recently. Yup, that is what it sounds like. She demonstrated the technique with a dinner knife, slid across the butcher block counter we were sitting at. Glad we were done with dinner!!