Sunday, November 7, 2010

Farewell to friends . . .

Sean and Roy are moving west.  There was not enough work in this area, and I was not able to provide enough here on the farm.  There is barely enough for one person to get by, and with two more, and no outside work, Roy decided to continue on his drive back to Arizona, where he had lived before moving to Maine five years ago.

I miss the sound of Sean's happy voice calling out, "Ayn Chee!  Tashi!"  The dogs miss Sean, too.  Our cats had just started to make friends, Sean's big Maine Coon cat Puff outweighing Holly Berry about three to one!  But they had finally gotten close enough to touch noses.

I am glad I got to meet Roy and Sean.  They've called once from the road, and of course I am collecting a box of things on the dining room table that were left behind.

I know how much they both loved it here.  Too bad things didn't quite work out, but that's life.  I am glad I got to know them both.  Roy's handiwork around here will be a reminder of his presence this past month, and Sean's happy voice will echo through the house for a long time to come.

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